May 19, 2011

Nutter Butter Banana Pudding Trifle

Here is our weekly treat from Save At Home Mommy (in the kitchen) Aimee!

”I came across this recipe in the Southern Living magazine while I was at work. I have personally made this for several occasions and it’s always been a hit! The combination of peanut butter and bananas has always been a great combination and I know that you will really enjoy this recipe! If you have not already tried it, make sure it’s on the menu for your next family function. Enjoy!

Nutter Butter Banana Pudding Trifle
Serves 8-10 people


About 1 container of whipped cream (homemade is better than store bought)
3 cups of milk
1 tsp. vanilla
2 (3.4 oz) packages vanilla instant pudding mix
1 (8 oz) container of sour cream
4 medium ripe bananas
1/2 package Nutter Butters


Place milk and vanilla in a large bowl, add pudding mix and beat with an electric mixer for 2 minutes or until thickened. Allow mixer to stand for 5 minutes. Then, stir in sour cream. Meanwhile, cut bananas into 1/4 inch slices and break cookies into thirds.

To assemble, spoon half of pudding mixture into a 3 quart bowl or pitcher. Top with bananas and cookies. Spoon remaining pudding mixture over bananas and cookies. Top with whipped cream. Cover and chill about 1 hour. Garnish if desired with some cookies and serve.”

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May 10, 2011

Mexican casserole

1 lb chorizo or pork sausage
1 can (11 oz) Green Giant® Mexicorn® whole kernel corn with red and green peppers, drained
5 eggs
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1/4 cup chopped green onions (4 medium)
2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro
1 1/2 cups shredded Cheddar-Jack with jalapeƱo peppers cheese blend (6 oz)
1 can (8 oz) Pillsbury® Crescent Recipe Creations® refrigerated seamless dough sheet
Sour cream, as desired
Salsa, as desired

1Heat oven to 375°F. In 10-inch skillet, cook chorizo over medium-high heat, stirring frequently, until cooked through; drain. Stir in corn. Spoon into ungreased 11x7-inch (2-quart) glass baking dish.2In medium bowl, beat eggs, salt and pepper. Stir in onions and cilantro. Pour evenly over meat mixture. Sprinkle with cheese.3Unroll dough; place on top of cheese.4Bake 23 to 28 minutes or until golden brown. Cool 5 minutes. Cut into 6 rows by 2 rows. Top with sour cream and salsa.

May 6, 2011

Tater Tot Casserole

Tater Tot Casserole
1 pounds ground hamburger (browned, seasoned, drained)
1-2 pound bags of tater tots
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can evaporated milk
2 cups shredded cheese

Evenly spread browned hamburger into a 9×13 baking dish. Cover with tater tots. In a large bowl, mix cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup with evaporated milk . Pour mixture over the tater tots and cover with shredded cheese. Bake 50-60 minutes at 350 degrees. Enjoy!!!
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