May 7, 2009

Best Ever Sweet Rolls

15 frozen yeast rolls(I use Kroger Brand)
1 (3oz) pkg instant Butterscotch Pudding
1 cup brown sugar
1 stick of butter or margarine
2 t Cinnamon
1 C chopped pecans or walnuts

Spray 13x9 baking pan with Pam
Spread nuts over bottom of pan
Evenly space rolls in pan over nuts
Sprinkle dry pudding mix over rolls
Melt brown sugar, butter and cinnamon. (Don't boil)
Pour brown sugar mixture over rolls.
Cover the pan loosely with plastic wrap, leave on counter over night and
let rise.

In the morning preheat over to 350. Remove plastic and bake 20 minutes.
Be careful not to let them burn, Remove from oven and let sit for a few
minutes, Invert pan to release rolls.

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